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Summary: Inventions have always changed the world. Here are Top 30 cool and Intrested Discovery of the present that’s going to change the future – including our lives and our world. Check them out.

Invention, the term, may not be new, yet it is to create something new. It started back more than three million years ago when some Earth’s species invented “stone tools”. Inventions have always changed the way we see and perceive our world – right from the invention of the wheel to the invention of the Internet and beyond. They are created everyday by some beautiful minds who want to change the world or make it better to live for all of us. And that’s what inventions are meant for.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 new, awesome and really cool inventions of the present that were dreamed of in the past and are going to change the future. These are the inventions that have appeared in movies, written in novels, foretold by thinkers, and dreamed by many. These are the inventions you must know.

Cool and Awesome Inventions You Should Know About


CHIP is the world’s first $9 computer that’s built for work, play, and everything in between. Its specifications include 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and 4GB storage; and supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies for connectivity. It’s a ready-to-use computer that comes pre-installed with a Linux distribution and dozens of useful applications, tools, and amazing games. It’s available for pre-order.

2. Nexpaq

Nexpaq is the world’s truly modular smartphone case. It allows you tocustomize, enhance, and add new features to your existing smartphone using small squares called modules. You only need to slide in the module to the case (without powering off your device), and your phone will have that extra power. Various modules are available for getting special powers such as more battery, stronger speaker, and new sensors and functions like pollution measurement, temperature readings, blood-glucose meters, night-vision cameras, etc. The case itself comes for $65 and modules starts from $15. It’s available and you can buy from their official store.

3. AeroMobil Flying Car

AeroMobile Flying Car is a beautiful flying car that transforms in seconds from a car to an airplane. As a car; it uses the regular gasoline as its fuel, is small enough to fit into any standard parking space, and can run on the road like any other car. As an airplane; it can take off and land using any grass strip or paved surface or runway only a few hundred meters long. It’s still a prototype and not available in the market for purchasing.

4. Hendo Hoverboard

Hendo Hoverboard is a revolutionary hoverboard that flies over the ground. It’s not the fictional “Sky Stick” (the hoverboard of the “New Goblin”) from the “Spider Man 3” movie, but it’s a real hoverboard that levitates off the ground due to the opposing magnetic field induced by its disc-shaped hover engines. It’s not yet available in the market.

5. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is an always-ON, hands-free digital device that’s designed around your voice. It’s always connected to Alexa, a cloud-based ever-evolving voice service, to answer questions, provide information, read news, play music, check sports scores and more – instantly. It can listen your voice from across the room, and spotting the right keyword, it lights up, sends audio to Alexa and responds to your request. It costs $180 from Amazon, and fits great in a connected home.

6. OTM Phree

OTM Phree is the world’s first high-resolution write-virtually-anywhere mobile input device. It lets you write, sketch, annotate, and express yourself on virtually any surface in limitless ways. It comes in a familiar form, and renders ink on the screen of your device based on your hand motion. You canwrite any text or draw an image on your hand or your office’s tablewith it, and the same will be drawn on the screen of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It costs only $198 on pre-orders.

7. Tiko Unibody 3D Printer

Tiko is a simple, accessible, unibody 3D printer for a price of just $179. It’s an inexpensive delta 3D printer with three set of arms to control the print head that provides exceptionally high repeatability. It prints objects larger than any similarly sized 3D printer that can be easily removed from its print bed. It creates a wireless access point to support direct prints using Wi-Fi technology, and offers a browser-based software that enhances the overall Tiko experience.

8. Cocoa WalkCar

Cocoa WalkCar is the world’s smallest electric vehicle that helps you move anytime and anywhere. It’s as small as a laptop, and fits easily in your backpack. Its advanced sensors allows you to control its motion using your body. Cocoa will start taking pre-orders in October 2015 for the WalkCar.

9. Flic Smart Button

Flic is a small button that do magic, or let’s say small and smart wonders. It can stick anywhere and perform the set job at just a click. I can do lots of wonders such as control lights, take pictures, send emergency signals, make calls, find phone, order pizza, and lot more. Each flic comes for $34 and can be configured using the companion app.

10. Vessyl

Vessyl is a $149 smart & digital vessel that automatically knows and tracks everything you drink. It helps you manage your health by tracking calories intake, keeping you hydrated, measuring caffeine consumption, calculating nutrients intake and suggesting healthy liquid diets according to your lifestyle. It’s small and portable, and connects to its companion app on your smartphone to summarize the data.

11. Ampy Move

Ampy Move is the world’s smallest wear-able motion charger. It’s a portable battery charger for your smartphones and tablets that itself charges as you move – the more calories you burn, the more battery gets charged. It costs about $99, is about the size of a deck of cards, and can be charged from your movement or an USB-compatible power source.

12. Dot

Dot is the world’s smallest Bluetooth ear bud that’s small enough to virtually disappear in your ear. It’s completely wireless, and can be taken anywhere and everywhere you go. Using it, you experience high quality sound and hands-free calling without wires (claimed by the company). It weighs just 3.5 grams, provides a combined battery time of 6-9 hours, and costs only $149. It is expected to ship by December 2015.

13. Prynt Cases

Prynt converts your smartphone into an instant camera that prints photos instantly. Just plug in your smartphone to the Prynt case, snap or choose any picture and a photo is printed straightway. It costs just $129 for a Prynt case (with 10 paper sheets) and $5 for every 10 additional sheets. It’s available for preorder and expected to ship in Dec 2015.

14. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is an award-winning ultra-portable water filter. It can filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water, and claims to remove 99.9% of germs and chlorine and other chemicals. You can carry it everywhere with you, and is priced around $18.

15. CTX Virtual Keyboard

CTX Virtual Keyboard is a $150 portable virtual keyboard for your smartphones and tablets. It uses a revolutionary laser technology to project a virtual keyboard and advanced optics to track your fingers. It connects using Bluetooth technology, and has an inbuilt, rechargeable li-ion battery.

16. Bluetooth Gramophone

Bluetooth Gramophone comes with vintage design and modern technology. It’s a $300 Bluetooth speaker with bold design inspired by 1920 Horn speakers. It’s small enough to fit anywhere, yet produces an organic, mid-range, vintage sound that creates a warm experience. It packs a rechargeable battery that lasts playback for up to 15 hours.

17. Floating Bluetooth Speakers

Floating Bluetooth Speakers is a $180 award-winning innovation, which uses magnetic technology to hover the speaker over its base. The speaker actually floats in the air, and levitates to provide acoustic sound. It supports wireless music streaming, has built-in microphone for hands-free calling, and comes with rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours for playback.

18. Vaga HandEnergy

Vaga HandEnergy is your personal generator of endless energy. It’s compact andeasy-to-use energy generator that produce energy everywhere you want. It can charge your mobile phones as well as other portable devices from the generated green energy. The company is accepting pre-orders at the price of $39 for a HandEnergy device.

19. Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button is a simple-to-set-up dash button that places a shopping order on a simple click. It tries to simplify order process so that you can easily make re-orders for frequently-used household items. It can be configured to place order for any item using the Amazon app on your smartphone. After configured, clicking the dash button places order automatically.

20. Flyshark Portable Keyboard

Flyshark Portable Keyboard is the first truly-foldable ultra-thin portable keyboard for smartphones and tablets. It connects using the Bluetooth technology, comes with various function keys, and allows you to make quick and smooth inputs with the full-size keyboard. It costs just $39 from Amazon.

21. Helix Folding Bike

Helix Folding Bike is the world’s smallest folding bike. It’s lighter and safer to use than any other folding bike, yet comes with big wheels and ten speeds. Its patent-pending side-by-side folding technology allows for a one-piece hinge-free frame that won’t crack while pedaling. It can be folded in any order and can be easily rolled after folding. It will even support various bicycle accessories including mud guards, lights, and racks. It’s yet to be launched in the market, but you can pre-order and expect delivery in September, 2015.

22. Bikelane Safety Light

Bikelane Safety Light ensures your safety while riding a bike in the dark. It’s designed to project a bike path onto roadways to make your ride safer, and allows you to better enjoy your night ride. This $40 product creates bike lane instantly using lasers that’s clearly visible under headlights and streetlights. It’s available and you can buy it from Amazon.

23. SnapPower Chargers

SnapPower Chargers are power outlets with integrated USB port/socket. They’ve low-profile minimalistic design, leaves both outlets free for plugs, and requires no bulky USB plugs. You can plug-in the USB cable directly in it to charge your smartphones or other portable devices. They are available in varied designs and colors, and costs around $20 on pre-orders.

24. Aerius

Aerius is the world’s smallest quadcopter (drone) that costs just $35 on pre-orders. It comes with an ultra-compact controller with drone storage/transport slot. It comes pre-programmed with two speed modes and trick mode that provides amazing gameplay. It’s a perfect way to have fun at home, and practice or play flying drones indoors.

25. Nebia Shower

Nebia Shower provides a better shower experience with up to 70% less water usage. It uses H2MICRO technology to optimize shower nozzles, and thusatomizes water into millions of tiny water droplets with 10 times more surface area. The result being more water gets in contact with your body, leaving your skin fresh & clean with minimized use of water; thus saving our precious natural resource. This iconic design shower is available at the price of $299.

26. Hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves

Hi-Call is a hi-tech glove with Bluetooth technology. It allows you to take phone calls and control your touchscreen smartphones directly (due to its integrated capacitive technology). It costs only $40, and comes with built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1 week on standby. You can buy it fromAmazon.

27. Thanko Lying on Back Desk

Thanko Lying on Back Desk is a handy piece of innovation that lets youcomfortably use your laptops on the bed. You can lie down on your favorite furniture, grab this desk, attach your laptop and browse the web, watch movies, or complete your assignment from your leisure place. It costs $131 (approx.), and comes with an integrated cooling fan for your laptop. You can buy it from Amazon.

28. Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control

Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control is a $66 universal gesture-based remote control. It can learn up to 13 Infrared remote control codes, and allows you to control your home appliances magically. For example, using the wand, you can cast a spell (with a flick of your wrist) and change the channel on your television. You can buy it from Amazon.

29. Prism Glasses

Prism Glasses are optical glasses that provides a greater viewing angle to your eyes. They turn your view to downward 90 degrees angle, and thus eliminates the need for head movement and allows you to read books or watch television while lying flat on your back. They costs just $7, and are great to prevent eye strain or neck cramps.

30. Zipbuds Pro Mic Earbuds

Zipbuds Pro is a zipper earphones product with a patented zip buds cabling. At a price of $35, it claims that the cabling never tangles no matter what, and fits well for rough and tough jobs. It comes with angled ear bud shape for maximum comfort, and noise cancelling mic for hands-free calling. You can buy it from Amazon.
Which is your favorite invention from our list of handpicked cool inventions and innovations? Do you know any other awesome invention? Please let us know using the comments section.

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