Top 10 Shooting Games For Android

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Here I have given top 10 most played shooting games on android mobile or tablet. I like the android platform is good for gaming because today most useful operating system or very easily use everyone and no other effects. Many Android like shooting games or Action games. Mobile gaming has evolved over the past few years with the introduction of extremely powerful devices in the market such as the Nexus range devices. Many developers have entered the mobile platform and have developed console quality games for Android devices. The games for Android range from retro style games like Flappy Bird (removed by developer) to hard-core graphic intensive games like N.O.V.O 3 or Modern Combat 4. From over a thousand First person shooter games available on the Play Store, and each weighing hundreds of Megabytes it’s hard to try each and decide the best.

So here’s a list of top 10 first person shooter games for Android (both free and paid apps are listed).

1. Call Of Duty: Strike Team


This game is the mobile version of the very famous PC game Call of duty. This games advances to 2020 when lot of tensity exists among the superpowers. The Unites states finds itself attacked by and unknown enemy and you’ve got to find the one’s responsible for all this menace.

In this game you can shift between the first shooter and third shooter modes efficiently. The player has to strategically decide the weapons, armor and other things for all the members of their team.

Apart from this, the game features two modes. The campaign mode and thesurvival mode which add more excitement to the game. It inherits the great graphics from its PC version.

Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.

Price: $6.99, Availability: Google Play

2. N.O.V.A 3


This is one of the premium games developed by Gameloft. It is the third part of the popular N.O.V.A series. In this game you’ve got to fight with some aliens who’ve come from an entirely different galaxy and aim to conquer our earth. It has got some really futuristic Weapons and vehicles.

Like all other Gameloft games, even N.O.V.A comes with great graphics and a humongous story line. This a must try for those fascinated about aliens and extraterritorial objects.

Developer: Gameloft

Price: $6.99, Availability: Google Play

3. Dead Effect


Unlike the above two, in this game we have to fight with “zombies”, the walking dead. The story shows a time when, suddenly zombies enter our cities from nowhere and start attacking us. There are special options which lets you defend yourself from the deadliest enemies. There’s over 5 hours of story game-play where you come across new weapons and lots of money to upgrade yourself every now and then.

There’s a survival mode where you take up a challenge to defeat all your enemies single handed. So go ahead, show some loyalty towards your mother land, it’s time for you to save her and her people.

Developer: Bulkyprix

Price: Free, Availability: Google Play



This game has a fabulous story line. You are a humanoid robot, and you were assigned to protect a princess. You have to fight a battle in a post-apocalyptic world where only robots exist. You need to fight the never ending wars and move forward to find the one responsible for the apocalyptical condition of the world.

Over time you find pieces of scrap which you can attach to yourself and use them as your armor or upgrade yourself.

Developer: Uppercut Games

Price: $0.99, Availability: Google Play

5. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour


Modern Combat is a knock off of the PC game Call of Duty. This inherits the same great graphics. It comes with built in support for several Bluetooth and wired controllers. It can be regarded as the best FPS game available for Android yet. Rumors suggest that the Modern Combat 5 is in the verge of being released.

Modern combat comes with an initiative online multiplayer mode where you can form teams and compete against each other. There’s lot of content which gets unlocked as we progress in the game.

Developer: Gameloft

Price: $6.99(Varies from time to time), Availability: Google Play

6. Frontline Commando 2


This is the successor of one of the most famous “Free” first person shooter games. The defect in this game is that you can only move to the pre-defined locations unlike the way you move freely in other games. You can use missile launchers, drones, RPG’s and many other weapons.

Unlike the previous version, this version gives you more control over the game. You can customize your weapons or assemble you squad strategically. It’s all your choice. Use the perfect strategy to win the battle.

Developer: Glu

Price: Free, Availability: Google Play

7. Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+


This is yet another game from the well-known developer “Gameloft”, however the good thing is, this is free! This version is very similar to the PC series developed by Ubisoft. You get to drive three different vehicles in this game, this also includes a tank. You can also join your allies online and fight the war.

The war locations in this game are Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany and Sicily. You can play this game for free as long as you want too, however if you feel that the game is getting very difficult, you can always pay and upgrade yourself instantly.

Developer: Gameloft

Price: Free, Availability: Google Play

8. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy


This game is a shooting game, but is very different from the ones mentioned above. In this game you have to fight in the air, in your aircraft. This game has over 40 stunning Modern jets. The graphics in this game will make you forget the consoles. The war arena is around four times the size of New York City.

It also contains the online modes using which you can compete with players around the world.

Developer: Bandai Namco

Price: Free, Availability: Google Play

9. Mass Effectâ„¢ Infiltrator


This game comes from the renowned developer of PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox and mobile games. Electronic Arts is famous for their Need for Speed series, parts of which are available on Android. EA has also developed several sports games like NBA, FIFA etc. This game has the same genes as the other EA games, yes the Extreme graphics and excellent story line is in the hormone of EA games.

In this game you are a Cerberus Agent who has turned bad.

Developer: Electronic Arts

Price: $6.99, Availability: Google Play

10. Dead Trigger


Coming back to the Zombie style games. Dead trigger is another zombie style game developed by MADFinger games. It is a free game you can participate in global events to receive in game rewards. This game can be controlled by your finger or a joystick (compatible ones only). And the player is not alone in this game, we can tune in to the radio station (Requires internet) to get the latest in-game updates of what’s happening over the world.

The game extends over three regions on earth, you can find your hide-out’s where you get upgrades and medics. This game has the best graphics in its niche. The gameplay gets difficult as you progress and is very impressive.

Developer: MADFinger

Price: Free, Availability: Google Play

Now that you’ve read this article it must be very easy for you to get the Android shooting game of your choice. If you find any other game which is good enough and deserves inclusion in this left please leave a comment. You can also mention your favorite games in different Genre, this will greatly help us in compiling a list of games the next time.

We’ve worked hard and tried each game before arranging the games in the above sequence, we would be happy to hear a simple thank as a comment or a like/share/+1 on Google.

Image source: Google Play Store