10 Best online presentation tools


Here I have given in this article how to easily create slide for presentation. Here I Give Most Powerful Online Tools that will help you best presentation module creation. I Swear you are use this tools so Audience is very easy way to understand your Goal or work . Tired of creating presentations on PowerPoint? Is Keynotes becoming stale? Try using these latest offerings of the web to create amazing Slideshows that will keep your viewers alert and entertained. In this article we will be looking at the 10 Best online presentation tools. These tools need zero installation, and you can unleash your creativity inside your web browser itself. Most of the web apps mentioned in this post use more than just slideshows to create presentations – they integrate sound, images, videos and animations to create fresh looking content for you to impress your boss, your teacher, or whoever, with.

1. Prezi – Presentation Software


Prezi is right now the most popular online presentation software. Its characteristic pan-and-zoom effects are widely used in presentations. Prezi has a huge collection of templates, and you can completely customize them in any way you want. Prezi also lets you collaborate with others on presentations in real time. Prezi is free for use, but all your presentations are public. If you want to have private presentations, you need to purchase one of prezi’s premium subscription plans.. (which start at $10/month). It is accessible across all platforms and devices.

Prezi also has desktop versions for different OS’s, and you can keep presentations backed up on your computer. If you are a premium subscriber, you can also edit your presentations offline, and even choose which presentations you want to sync with the cloud, and which you want only stored on your hard disk.


2. PowToon – Free Business Presentation Software And Animated Video Maker



PowToon is a great online presentation tool that lets you create engaging videos and presentations that are completely animated. One can use PowToon without any knowledge of animations, as it has a simple and intuitive interface. It is on its way to be Prezi’s main rival, ever since the recent release of the PowToon Slides software which lets you create full fledged, animated presentations (before this, you could only create videos on powtoon). For free users PowToon only lets you create public PowToons, which come with the PowToon watermark. It also only lets you share your PowToons to sites like Youtube and does not let you download your creations.

The Pro versions of PowToon starts at $19 a month, and comes with additional features, and lets you create HD presentations, which can be downloaded. Also, your slideshows don’t have the PowToon watermark attached.


3. Emaze – Online Presentation Software


Emaze is another great online tool for creating presentations. It has a rich UI, and lets you create great looking presentations in minutes. It has a wide range of templates, many created by top designers, that let you make stunning content. Emaze also has the option of creating cool 3D presentations, which stand out from the rest. It is cloud-based, built with HTML 5 and accessible across all devices and platforms. Emaze presentations by default are stored in the .emaze format and require you to download the Emaze viewer to view offline (only available for Windows and Mac).

You can create private presentations, download or convert presentations to video if you are a pro user. Pro membership for emaze is a bit cheaper than similar softwares, and it starts at $4.89 per month. For this much you also get 2 GB cloud storage and VIP support.


4. Microsoft Sway – Create and Share Amazing Stories, Presentations


Office Sway, Microsoft’s latest presentation tool is a completely free offering (since it is still in the ‘preview’ mode). It is – almost – Powerpoint re-imagined for the modern web. Sway allows you to import .pptx and .pdf files or create a sway presentation from scratch. It still has a long way to go before it can compete with the likes of Prezi and Emaze, but it is still good enough to create quick slideshows with a fresh feel.

To use Sway, all you need is a Microsoft account (outlook/hotmail/live). Here is a small video about Microsoft Sway.


5. Haiku Deck – Presentation Software That Inspire


Here is a very unique online presentation tool: Haiku Deck. It is a presentation software that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Haiku Deck lets you create instant presentations, with nearly zero sweat. The point of Haiku Deck is to help make your storytelling simple and fun. It is all about making your ideas meet your creative flow.

Haiku Deck has a dedicated iPad app, but its web version is accessible from anywhere. It is free, but you need to pay a fee of $60 per year to become a Zuru member, which lets you use the power of AI to create amazing presentations, that are automatically layout and color optimized to give the perfect polish.


6. Slide Dog – Free Multimedia Presentation Software


Although Slide Dog is not technically an online presentation tool, it earns a place in this list simple because of its deep online integration. With Slide Dog you get the benefit of having truly amazing features like live streaming, online chat and even a remote control feature in which you can control your presentation using any web enabled device. Slide Dog also lets you combine different types of presentations, be it Prezi, Powerpoint, or PDF, and present it as one.

Slide Dog is free to use, but in order to use the more premium features like live sharing and remote control you need to sign up for its Pro version which starts at $8.43 a month.


7. Empressr – Best Online Rich Media Presentation Application


Empressr claims to be “The best online rich media presentation application”. It is a rather old, but free software for creating presentations on the fly, online. It lets you embed your presentations everywhere, your website, blog or on social networks like Facebook. It supports 3D transitions, and allows importing media from sites like photobucket and quikr. Empressr lets you track how your presentations perform online – how many viewers, etc – and is a decent all round tool despite lacking a great interface.


8. Google Slides


Everyone knows about Google Drive and its inbuilt office tools. Google Slides is Google’s equivalent of Powerpoint ( or of Keynote… ) and it is probably the best all-rounded solution for creating online presentations. While it does not possess the amazing graphical effects of Prezi or the Drag-N-Drop animations of PowToon, Google Slides is stable, secure, and completely free.There are thousands of templates available for Google Slides online, and there are many really useful extensions available for it on the Google Drive extensions store.

Google Slides lets you collaborate with your contacts in real-time. It is also accessible from the widest possible range of devices and platforms, and is probably the safest online presentation tool out there. Google Slides is also available as an app on the Play store.


9. Slid.es – Create and Share Presentations Online


Slides is a small, modern online presentation tool with a great UI, and low-priced pro plans. The Slides editor is also optimized for touch devices, so using Slides on a smartphone or tablet is hassle free. Slides has amazing features like live presenting, Dropbox synchronization, a full revision history in case you want to revert to an earlier version, and completely customizable themes. All Slides’ presentations are stored as HTML, so you can easily edit the markup, and even include custom stylesheets of you want to take the customization to the next level. Slides also lets you export your presentations as PDF’s.

Slides is free to use, but requires you to become a Pro member for features like offline presentations, private projects, etc. Pro membership costs $6 a month, with the full fledged Team membership costing $12 per month.


10. Go Animate – Animated Video Presentation Software


Go Animate is another animated-video-presentation creator which has great, easy to use animations and features like drag-and-drop editors. It has a huge collection of audio tracks in its libraries, as well as great resources. Videos made on Go Animate can be shared on Youtube. They can also be downloaded for offline viewing. Go Animate places watermarks on all videos created on its editor.

Go Animate requires you to pay for using any of its features, and only offers a limited-time trial for free users. The most basic Pro subscription starts at $39 per month.